Monday, January 7, 2013

Swing Set

Day 2 of the swing set installation was a lot harder than we were expecting.  We had to anchor it in the ground which first involved finding anchors and then involved a lot of work on Nate's part trying to get them in and make everything work.  The kids were helping me with some yardwork while Nate was doing that and I don't know what it is about boys but holy cow Finn manages to get a million times dirtier than Reese does and I'm convinced it has nothing to do with him being younger.  I was raking and they wanted to put my piles in our leaf box and Reese ended up with some dirty hands but Finn ended up COVERED in dirt, he had dirt down his shirt, and he even took his shoes off and was walking around barefoot getting extra dirty.  It was cute though to watch him "help" and it was nice to actually have Reese's help.  
After the kids and I had had enough of cleaning up, and Nate was still trying to anchor the swing set and getting angrier by the minute, I took them inside for a bath in the hopes that some silence outside would help Nate work.  A little while later he had finished and since we'd assembled all the swinging pieces the night before it was quick and painless to put them on the frame real fast and the kids were ready to play.  Finn loves the slide except he loves to walk up it and then sit at the top laughing until he realizes he can't get turned around to slide back down.  Reese like the horse and the seesaw, which we didn't put on until the following day, and she's also getting better at pumping her legs so she can swing by herself.  Personally I'm a fan of the flying saucer, I could easily waste an afternoon rocking away in the warm weather.  I'm so glad we have the swing set for the kids, I have fond childhood memories of the swing set we had in our backyard growing up and I hope this one gets as much use as ours did.  We the constant sunshine and warm weather we seem to have here I'm sure it'll get plenty of use.

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RJG said...

Sounds like you and Nate need a hammock.