Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Play Time

Reese loves to play on her activity mat. It has a bunch of animals that hang from the bars and then there's a dog whose paws light up and he plays different sing-a-long and classical music songs. She usually gets pretty into kicking and waving her hands around when the musics going and I got a pretty good video of her doing it today. You'll notice that after the music stops she gives me a little bit of time to get it started again but when I don't comply (because I'm too busy recording her) she lets out a noise to notify me that she wants it turned back on again. She's a pretty cute little girl.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Little Clown

I've already jabbered enough for one day but I just had to post some new pictures of Reese since she seems to be getting bigger by the second. At her two week check up she'd grown to 8lbs 8oz and was 21 inches long. Here's our first family photo with everyone in it. We took it on Father's Day and while we were all kicking it in our Sunday loungewear I think it still turned out pretty cute.
This is my proof that Reese is a genius, she clasped her hands all by herself and held them there for awhile. The book implied that she shouldn't be able to do that yet.
And finally this is just cute because Nate was lying on the couch watching tv and Jaeger was sleeping on his legs like she usually does so I tossed Reese on him for a fun Father's Day moment.

Nana's Gone

The day finally came this past weekend that my mom had to leave us and go back to Sacramento. It was so nice to have her out here to help with Reese and I know that she probably already misses hanging out with us, but she probably doesn't miss our crappy tv selection. We really were lucky to have her out here to help keep my occupied those last few weeks of pregnancy, to keep Jaeger entertained and exercised while I was in the hospital, and to watch Reese for me in the morning so that I could take a nice long shower. I'm not even coming close to mentioning all the things she did for us while she was out here, but Mom if you're reading this know that we appreciated it more than you know.

My Own Mardi Gras

I'm not sure how it happened but June seemed to be starting off well for me but then took an evil turn. Nate and I celebrated our second anniversary on the third by going out to dinner at this nice restaurant next to the Bitburg brewery. We had a lovely meal with a huge fruit bowl for dessert while my mom watched Reese back at home for us. The next day I had my follow up appointment with Dr.Jerono where he said that everything looked good but if I got a fever I was to immediately come to the hospital because it was a sign of an infection. Sure enough Friday afternoon I had the chills and a fever so that evening Nate and I went to the hospital assuming that I would be given some antibiotics and sent on my way. We checked in with the midwife and she said she would call the doctor and have her check me out. Two hours later I went to speak with the midwife again since we still had not been seen and she told me once again that she would call the doctor to come see me. The doctor finally came and took one look at my chest and said that I would need to be admitted into the hospital for an infection. I argued with them for a while to try and get them to just send me home with penicillin but they said I needed to be on an IV to get rid of the infection faster. So I was sent home to retrieve Reese, who would be staying in the hospital with me, and whatever things we would need for our stay. When we got back we were checked in to the maternity ward where they started me on an IV and then much to my surprise told me to feed Reese so that they could start me on the quark. I had no clue what quark was but soon found out that it was a type of German cheese similar to cream cheese that they rub on the infection to pull it out. So there I was in a hospital bed with an IV in my arm and cream cheese on my boobs, and I was not happy about it. Around 5am they came down and moved me up to "Station 11" which is a private patient floor, because there was an influx of babies and they needed the space. Luckily I got a really nice American roommate who was 34 weeks pregnant and had started to go into premature labor so she was on bedrest in the hospital for the weekend while they kept an eye on her. She got quite a kick out of my cheesy situation and made sure to mock me whenever they brought the quark in, which mind you was about 6 times a day. That's why this post is labeled "My Own Mardi Gras" because if it had been the real Mardi Gras I would have had beads galore for all the times I had to show my chest to various hospital employees. Luckily, the quark and the penicillin worked and I left the hospital Monday evening with my bottle of penicillin to finish off and a story about Mastitis that could only happen to me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Week and a Half

Reese is 10 days old now and is as cute as ever, I don't think we realized just how entertaining watching a baby sleep was until that baby was our own. She makes all these crazy faces and smiles all the time. The other day I asked her for a kiss and put her to my lips to give her one and she she had puckered her lips too, I know it was just a coincidence but it melted my heart. She's a really good sleeper and has only been waking up once during the night, the other night she actually slept all the way through. Nate and I definetly consider ourselves lucky for getting as much sleep as we do.