Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reese and Jesse in D.C.

Reese and I are back from our getaway to D.C.! We were there for five days and it was the perfect amount of time to see our friends and their new baby. I've already posted about some of the stuff we did so I'll probably end up repeating myself. On Thursday we took Lukas and Reese to the park to play, they were very cute getting reacquainted with one another.
Then on Friday we went over to Arlington, we got there just as the wind was picking up for the big snowstorm that was coming. We walked over to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and watched the guard for a little bit and then walked back to the car since it was getting colder and I was not prepared to be out in a storm. That afternoon the big snowstorm hit, the weather channel called it Snowpocolips and the Curse of Snowbama. We stayed inside the rest of the day and just watched it snow which gave me the perfect chance to hold Devin some more.
The snow stopped Saturday night so Sunday afternoon Justin made an igloo with all the snow on the porch for the kids to play in. Reese and Lukas had a fun time wandering around in and out of the igloo so all in all the snowstorm wasn't that bad.
On Monday night Sarah drove us to the airport and we were able to easily catch a flight back to Ramstein. We had a great trip and we look forward to going out to see them again.

As a side note: The night before we left Nate took me outside to build a snowman since the snow was finally packing snow. We built a roughly 6 foot snowman and gave him chocolate eyes/nose/mouth.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Visiting D.C.

Reese and I flew out of Ramstein Wednesday afternoon and arrived in D.C. that night. I was really annoyed because the flight I had been on earlier that I had been hoping to return and get on the following day hadn't been listed so I called in the morning to check on it and it was already taking off. My punishment for not having shown up at 4am just in case the flight went was that I had to drive to Ramstein and wait basically all day for the flight to Baltimore to finally take off. I guess the punishment fit the crime since I was able to get on a flight that day and get to D.C. relatively quickly.
I can't post any pictures until I get home but I will say that Reese and Lukas playing together is the cutest thing. Before we left for D.C. I had asked Reese if she was going to play with Lukas and she had very strongly informed me "NO!" Luckily her outlook changed when she arrived and first thing the next morning when Lukas woke up they started playing with one another and have been doing so relatively nicely ever since. Yesterday we went to the playground and just watched them run around with one another and follow each other down the slides.
The main reason why we took this trip at this time was so that we could see the new baby, Devin. He's absolutely adorable, of course, but I hadn't realized how much I had forgotten about babies. I'm in charge of holding him whenever I see the need and making sure that Reese doesn't OVERlove him. I feared the latter would be quite a task but she's been very sweet to the baby and has only been over loving their two dogs.
Today we went over to Arlington and saw the tomb of the unknown soldier. It was very cool, but the snowstorm was just beginning to start and I'm the moron that thought wearing Converse to D.C. in February would be a good idea. Needless to say my toes were near frostbite when we got back to the car.
We're only going to be in D.C. for a few more days but already it was worth the flight to come out and relax with friends for a few days.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oh the Weather

Apparently our snow day on Sunday was not the climax of this weather system. It snowed more on Monday so Reese and I went out and tried to find a sled. We successfully purchased a cheapo sled and then came home and bundled up to go sledding on the little hill by our house. Reese had so much fun, she kept saying "again, again" everytime we finished. She's a little off balance on the sled, so after we ride down she gets on her hands and knees on the sled while I drag her back up the hill like on of those Alaskan Iditarod race dogs. We took a break from sledding and tried to build a snowman, I've never built a snowman that I can recall and Nate's instructions the previous day hadn't worked for us so instead we built a little snow-gnome. He was quite handsome if we do say so ourselves. Reese was very helpful in packing the snow and also in attempting to eat the snow-gnome.
Today we were trying to catch a hop to D.C. to see some great friends that recently had a baby. There was a flight out of Spangdahlem so we got to the terminal for our 8:15 am showtime and we were the only ones waiting for the plane...YAY! We got ticketed and awhile later we were told that the plane might be skipping over the base we wanted to go to and going straight to Delaware. I asked if they would keep me updated because Delaware is 2 hours away from where I wanted to land. They finally sent us through security around 10am and the guy told me that as of now the plane was stopping in Maryland but the pilot might decide midflight to skip Maryland and go straight to Delaware. I was confused but decided that this was my best chance to get there so I pressed forward. When we were getting on the plane, the snow was really coming down so they said they were getting it de-iced and we'd be on our way. Over an hour later, after I'd fed Reese and she'd fallen asleep, they came to give me the bad news that they had a two hour delay due to the weather. They said we could wait on the plane or they would bus us back to the terminal to wait there. Since Reese was already asleep I decided not to wake her so I laid down for a nap on the plane. When she woke up later we started watching Bolt until they came to give us the bad news that the flight had been delayed until tomorrow. We were sad that we didn't get out, but we didn't have such a bad day at the terminal so I guess we'll brave it again tomorrow.