Sunday, December 23, 2007

Here Comes Preggers!!

To all the Utah haters, except Jenny who politely stated that I looked pregnant, I hope this picture of me at 18 weeks along proves that I do in fact have a preggers belly. I've gone through quite a bit of changing since I've been home and it's crazy to me to look at myself and see how much I've grown. The baby center webpage said that baby Jack was roughly 5 inches from head to butt but I feel like he's a whole lot bigger than that.
Now to tell you about the leap from reality I took when I took Jaeger to have her picture taken with Santa at Petsmart. I'm sure I should have expected that normal people don't take their dog to see Santa, but I thought it would be a cute little thing and so we went. When we got there we were third in line and when I say that I was the most normal person there I mean it by a long shot. The first lady required the man to keep taking pictures of her dog because either she didn't like the one he had or the dog had looked away or something of this nature, I kept my mouth shut while thinking that dogs don't often pose for pictures. The second lady had her dog dressed up in a complete elf costume, it was cute I admit but none the less that made her less normal than I. When Jaeger and I stepped up, my cute little girl looked at the camera and we got it done in one shot. Some of you may laugh at me for taking her, but I still say it ended up being a really cute thing.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I Know I Know

I've been a little lazy lately, hence the reason why I haven't written anything in over a month, but I'm going to blame it on the pregnancy. Ya I know, I haven't had any morning sickness but I've been pretty tired and not really "eager" to do anything. So I figured I'd finally get on and write the post I should have written a month ago. I had my first doctor's appointment on November 8th with the world's best doctor. I was little nervous of having a German doctor because I was told he would be blunt and probably not the most hands on caring doctor, but actually he's quite the opposite, he's really funny and very nice to a scared little American girl like me. At my appointment I found out that I was 11 weeks 2 days along and plain as day saw that I was going to be having a little boy. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found out so soon that I would be having a baby boy. He was very active inside me, to the point that the doctor was having a hard time getting him to hold still in order to measure him, he said that if he was that active when I took him home I might want to bring him back, but I told him I would expect no less being the product of Nate and I. We're so excited to be having a son and I've been buying lots of cute little boy clothes since I've been in the states. Come May 20th Nate and I will have a beautiful baby boy, who we've already decided to name Jack Everest Crandall, baby Jack is going to be the cutest.
I promise I won't wait this long to post again, Jaeger went to see Santa the other day so as soon as I get that picture scanned I'll be sure to tell you all about how I was the most normal person in that line.