Thursday, April 10, 2014

Little Pooper

It is a well known fact in our home that Sage must poop on every new outfit, to christen it I suppose.  Every single time she's worn something for the first time she has had a blow out.  She just likes things a lot better when they're covered in poop.  Today I was washing sheets so I pulled the sheet off her bed and but a brand new one on, not thinking that her love of pooping on new things extended to bedding.  I put her down for her nap and when she woke up I left her for a few minutes because I was helping Finn with a puzzle and she was happily talking to herself.  When I went in there and picked her up I discovered poop EVERYWHERE!!!  She had pooped out while lying on her back, then proceeded to roll over and scoot all around her bed smearing the poop all over the sheet, her stuffed animals, her clothes, everywhere except her face thank goodness.  Finn, being the clearly intelligent child that he is, informed me that Sage had pooped (thanks bud). While I was carrying the little pooper out to the changing pad (as far from my body as my arms would allow) Finn proceeded to inform me "poop, poop, poop, Sage pooped everywhere," and Sage smiled and kicked with glee at how funny she is for smearing poop all over herself.
I wish I had taken pictures, and actually thought about pausing to get the camera, but we already had such a big mess that I wasn't interested in allowing her to make it bigger while I took the time to document it.