Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

What an exciting Halloween Jaeger and I had! Since they don't do Halloween the way we do in the states we didn't have any trick or treaters but we did deliver some candy packages to some of the neighborhood kids. I guess you could say it was my way of sharing my American culture with the little German kids. After our deliveries Jaeger and I went over to the Lemmons' house and took pictures of all the dogs dressed up. Jaeger was a cute little witch, the lil devil is Sumo and the pirate is Schnitzel. I have to say that Jaeger and Sumo were both trying to take their costumes off but Schnitzel was fine in his and didn't try to get it off. After causing our dogs misery, Sarah, Justin, Eric and I went over to base and went through the haunted house. It was quite good and reminded me of all the good times I had going through haunted houses each Halloween in Utah. I hope you all had a great Halloween too.

Does it get any better?

Nate and I decided that we were going to buy ourselves new living room furniture for christmas since he was going to be gone for the holidays. Now I think I should explain first that the word "new" is kind of deceiving because we currently don't have any of our own living room furniture. Our landlords were going to toss out a couch and two chairs but they gave it to us instead so when we buy furniture it will be our first stuff that is "ours." Well I guess you could say that I jumped the gun a little bit last night when I decided that I could wait no longer on getting new furniture. Oh, you also have to understand that the current stuff is very uncomfortable, think a piece of wood with a blanket on it and you will have an idea of the comfort level. So last night I took my trusty sidekick Sarah to the store with me and I bought myself a chair. It's the best chair in the world, it's comfy and squishy, it rocks, and best of all it reclines. Sarah and I got it stuffed inside the Jetta and drove it back to my house for some good sitting. When I told Nate about the chair he was very excited, he had been urging me to go ahead and buy the stuff now instead of waiting for him to get back. So even though we haven't gotten the couch yet my living room already looks so much more comfortable. I invite you all to come on out to Germany and see it, but remember to look and not touch....afterall it is MY chair.
p.s. Yes that is the great Judge Judy in the background and No that's not where my chair is staying.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pee on a Stick

As I think all you know by now, I'm pregnant. The night before Nate left I took a pregnancy test (mind you this was a just in case test not an I think I'm pregnant test) and much to our surprise the word "not" never showed up next to the word "pregnant."
Nate and I have finally gotten over our surprise and are now so excited for the baby to come, even though we have quite a few months to wait. We've started talking about how we're going to decorate and what color stroller we want, you know, the important stuff. I'll finally have my first appointment in a couple weeks and even though Nate won't be here, he's looking forward to seeing pictures of "the little grape" (that's how big the book says the baby is right now). I have a feeling as soon as the baby comes this will change from a blog mostly about our travels to a blog mostly about our baby. I'm afraid I'll be as bad as my sister when it comes to taking pictures (sorry Melissa, but it's true).

Monday, October 1, 2007

My Little Graduate

Jaeger is now a graduate of the Oberweis Pet Spa Obedience School!!! We had our last class tonight where we showed off all the things that we had learned and of course Jaeger was the best student by far. She was the smallest student and was a little shy at first, but by tonight she was running around with the rottweilers and the golden retrievers. Nate and I are both so proud of our little girl.