Friday, September 19, 2008

Pacific Ocean

We've been in the States for almost two weeks now and I've yet to write a blog so shame on me. I'll be sure to write about Reese's first adventures next time I get a chance, but right now I'm sitting in the Disneyland Hotel while the rest of my family is asleep so I decided I'd post some pics of Reese's first beach trip.

We flew down to Orange County this morning for our Glass Family vacation to Disneyland. We weren't going to Disneyland until to tomorrow and since my parents were going to a museum exhibit today I decided it would be the perfect chance to take Reese to the ocean and indoctrinate her in the ways of ocean appreciation. So after we checked into the hotel and dropped my parents off at the museum Nate and I wheeled the "orange dream machine", that would be a lovely burnt orange minivan, over to Huntington Beach. When we first got there Reese was loving it, there was a nice breeze on her face and she enjoyed watching the waves and listening to the noises. Then I put her feet in the sand which she felt indifferent towards until a wave came up and tickled her toes. She didn't quite seem to know what to think of it but then when I dipped her little feet in a little more she decided the water was a bit too cold for her taste and we got the sour fat lip face. We didn't stay long, but I'm pleased that from my vantage point she seemed to enjoy her first trip to the Pacific.