Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finn’s Blanket

I got some material a long time ago that I was going to make a blanket for Finn with and then I got swamped making baby gifts and Finn came along and I never got around to it.  Well a few weeks ago I finally decided it was time to get working on it but my ideas for it had changed so I ordered some star fabric to go along with it and it all came in the mail yesterday.  After the kids went to bed last night I cut all the squares out and then spent my entire day sewing them together and putting the fluffy minky on the back.  I have to say that the minky is really soft and nice but it’s a pain to work with.  Luckily all that hard work was worth it because Finn seemed pleased with it and I even made it extra large so he won’t outgrow it to quickly.




Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Snapshot of Our Life

I looked at the kids and realized that even when things seem boring they are having a sweet moment together.  Yesterday I caught them playing together which is happening more often now that Finn is getting bigger and Reese has decided he’s worthy of her attention.  She was getting toys out for him and reading him books. 




Even though that’s becoming a common sight in our home, something that’s even more typical is what’s going on right now behind me.  Finn woke up from napping in his swing but was still content to be sitting there watching Reese who has brought him a musical toy and starts the music and then spins around in front of him.  When the music stops she starts it again and starts spinning.  Oh and she’s begun dressing herself most days with fairly good results.


Finn is 4 Months Old!


Well there’s been a delay in writing this so now he’s almost four and a half months old but either way he’s getting big.  At his doctor’s appt we clocked in at 17lbs 6oz and about 25.5 inches which keeps him at the very top of the growth chart.  The doctor said he’s actually closer in size to a 9 month old than a 4 month old which is pretty funny because there’s a little boy at church who is about 13 months old and Finn is the same size as him, granted this kid is small for his age but it’s still funny to see them next to each other.  Sometimes when I see littler babies I get sad that Finn was never really a little guy,  It can be hard to carry around a kid the size of a 9 month old who’s not developmentally like 9 month old, he’s heavy but he doesn’t hold on which makes it even heavier to carry him, but that’s our Finn and we love him.  He’s already getting his first two teeth so that’s been making him a bit grumpy lately.  You can see the little tooth buds just below the skin and one of them feels like it’ll be out any day now. 

CURRENT photos1

Some things about Finn:  he loves to eat but he dislikes letting anyone else eat.  When I’m eating breakfast he’ll try and pull my food off the table or he’ll give me a chastising look that says how dare I eat when he isn’t eating.  He’s super stinky which makes me fear for when he’s a teenager.  He farts all the time but rarely poops so strangers probably think my kid needs a diaper change and that I’m a bad mom by making him sit in it but really he’s just farting.  He loves to stand on laps and play in his exersaucer and he’s just discovered that peek a boo is awesome.  If Jaeger is playing near him he’ll laugh out loud and if she’s close enough he’ll try and pet (grab) her.  He loves to play with Daddy but when it comes down to it he’s a big old Momma’s Boy and just having Mommy hold him cures most fits. 

DSC_0807 (2)

As a side note about Reese, I had to write these down so I didn’t forget.  Reese is extremely well spoken, she has a huge vocabulary and speaks very clearly there are just a few words that she mispronounces and the funny part about these words is that there is no reason for her to mispronounce them because she can say them she just honestly thinks it’s the right word.  For example banana is go-nana, polka dots is polka gots, in a different category ice cream is ice creamy scoop thanks to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  There’s a few others that I can’t think of right now, but it always makes Nate and I laugh.  Oh and speaking of laughing moments (which are also not laughing moments) the other day Reese was getting ready to take a bath so she’s going to the bathroom and she asks me “Mommy, do I say damn?”  I of course responded no but it took a bit not to laugh because you have to imagine her with her elbow on her knee and her chin in her hand sitting on the toilet asking me that question.


And now I must wrap it up because Finn is demanding my attention and he’s demanding it now.

4th of July

I love celebrating the Fourth of July in Germany and I’m sad that this was the last year of what has become our traditional 4th.  The base had Super Saber Appreciation Day on the holiday so Nate went over to help set up and then the kids and I joined him that afternoon.  They always have so much fun stuff to do and Reese loves it.  She started out by going on the swings which I was a little hesitant about since it was supposed to be for ages 4 and up, but I talked with her about holding on tight and it was one of her favorite things.  She kept wanting to go again and again which was really cute.  After her first time on the swings we saw them bringing in the horses for the pony rides and since last year the line had been ridiculous for it we headed straight there next and ended up being one of the first people on, the line ended up dying down later in the day so she was able to go a second time.  She played all the little games they had set up and won various prizes and candy which she was super excited about and then she took a turn in the bounce house.  After going around and around again doing everything we decided to get some dinner and then we headed over to the lawn where we always sit to watch the fireworks.  The Christensens were there with us and we met up with some of our other friends as well so the kids all got to run around while we waited for it to get dark enough for the fireworks to start.  It takes so long to get dark here that by the time the fireworks started Reese was getting tired, it was a really long show and she ended up falling asleep just before the grand finale.  It was an awesome day and the weather ended up being perfect, which is saying something since it’s been pretty cold and rainy here lately.

CURRENT photos

Friday, July 1, 2011

Reese’s Last Day of School

I can’t believe it’s July already and I need to update again because things actually do happen around here.

The middle of June marked the end of Reese’s preschool :(  She had such a great time at school all year long and she’s sad that she doesn’t get to go anymore.  For the last day of school they invited the parents to come in for the last half hour for a little presentation.  The kids sang a couple songs and then they ate popsicles while the teachers showed us a picture slideshow of the whole year.  It was really cute and Reese had so much fun playing with her friends at school.

Singing the bear hunt song: (side note, there were 14 kids in her class but the last month a lot had moved away or left for the states on vacation)


being a fish


eating popsicles






With her certificate


With her friend Sadie and her little sister London