Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Sun is Shining

It's almost May and the sun has finally begun to shine here in Germany. Jaeger and I have been trying to soak up as much of it as possible for fear that it will go back into hiding soon enough. We just got done spending a good portion of the afternoon lying in the grass and playing fetch, my legs actually look like they might be getting some color back. Unfortunately that slim period of time between when it gets warm and when the ants start to take over seems to be up. I had to pick a couple off my legs and then do a check over both of us to make sure we didn't bring any in the house. Nate's going to go out this weekend and see if we can beat the ants this year by putting something on the grass to kill them. It wouldn't be so bad but the ants are huge to begin with and in a few weeks there will be these flying ants that are super annoying. I swear they go to war with us; they land in the grass and pick up one of the big ants and put it on their backs and then fly off and when the flying ant lands on you the other ant gets off and begins crawling all over you. I'm sure you all think I'm making this up but I swear I'm not, the ants here are vicious.

I reached 36 weeks on Sunday and we took some new pictures to show that I have in fact gotten noticeably larger. People finally ask me when I'm due and what I'm having, which always catches me off guard since no one ever asked me during the first 33 or so weeks of my pregnancy. The sad thing is that I'll have to take some new pictures soon because when I was at the store yesterday I caught a glimpse of myself in the dressing room mirror and realized that in the past 4 days I'd gotten even bigger. Reese better come in the next couple weeks because I'm running out of clothes that fit. She's dropping so there isn't a single pair of non-maternity pants that will fit over my now protruding pelvis, and to make matters worse 99% of my shirts stop just at the end of my stomach without touching my pants. My former Albertsons co-workers may remember that really fat guy whose shirt did that so you could kind of see his stomach hanging out of his shirt because the shirt wouldn't tuck in and wouldn't touch the pants, that's who I always think of when I put on one of the shirts and find out it does that. Anyways, moral of the story, I'm fat but can't complain because every other pregnant woman around here is at least twice as fat as me and not nearly as far along, oh and still no stretch marks :)

Alright I'm off to rejoin the sun before it ducks back behind the clouds again. Don't mock my Euro-whiteness in the pictures, I swear I'm still a California girl at heart.