Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1st Haircut

I’ve been thinking of cutting Reese’s hair for awhile now so finally I talked to my friend and made an appt to get the shaggy mop trimmed up a bit.  You need only to look back at the last few posts to see how long and shaggy it was becoming and it was becoming less curly as well.  I was guessing that the curl was falling out because of how thick and heavy her hair was and was hoping that it would bounce back after a trim.  Well today was the magic day for her first haircut so after school I washed her hair and took a few pictures of how long it had become:

hair hair1

and then we went out to Bitburg and got the job done.  She was very good for her whole haircut, she remained still and only had to be reminded a few times to look at me instead of trying to watch Elaina.  When all was said and done she’s got a cute new shorter haircut and the curl did bounce back up, sure she’ll never have the curl fro she used to but I like that she still has her cute little ringlets at the end.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

38 Weeks

Now that Nate is home my contractions have stopped and I’m fairly certain that I will find myself being induced shortly after my due date.  I decided today was as good as any other day to take a few pictures of the giant ball I’m holding beneath my skin.  I realize in a few of the photos it looks like I’m sticking it out but I swear I’m not, I’m just trying to stand up straight for the photo.

  DSC_0001 DSC_0004


Nate and I find the roundness particularly creepy

DSC_0007 DSC_0012

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just a Reminder

You know that point when your kid is a few months old and you notice other kids their age are starting to put sounds together and you get a little worried that your kid is behind because they’re not there yet?  And then a few months later when other kids are using words and you wonder if your kid has as many words in their vocabulary as the other kids?  And then of course the point where you hear some kids speaking in full and complete sentences and wonder if your kid is on track?  I wish I had never had those thoughts about how Reese was progressing verbally because she is that kid who speaks in full and complete sentences, that kid that most adults can understand without trouble, and that kid that NEVER EVER shuts her yapper!  I blame myself for why she is the way she is, I’ve always felt the need to fill any silence with conversation.  For the longest time I didn’t like to be alone and I absolutely hated silence, before we had Reese I would actually leave the TV on all day long so that the house wasn’t silent.  Now I search and hope and pray for even five minutes during the day where I’m not bombarded with questions and comments and random thoughts that pop into her head.  Yesterday we drove to base to get gas and check the mail, this required us to be in the car for roughly an hour and I wish I was exaggerating when I said that she asked me the ENTIRE car ride if we were going to the beach and if we could go to the beach.  I told her the beach was a little too far away for us to drive to today, I told her that it was still a little too cold outside to go to the beach, I tried ignoring her in the hopes that the questions would go away, and then finally I told her that we would need to plan a trip to the beach, this final comment upset her and she informed that she did NOT want to go to the beach.  As irritating as this conversation became, it was still nicer than the usual car ride conversation that goes a little bit like this…Reese: Where are we going Mommy? Me: (insert destination here) R: Where are we going Mommy? Me: (Insert destination here) R: Where are we going Mommy? Me: Where do you think we’re going Reese? R: (Insert destination she’s been told here) Me: Yep, you know where we’re going……..5 second pause in conversation…..R: Where are we going Mommy?

I’m writing this all down so that down the road when I begin to worry that Finn doesn’t say enough yet or that he’s not as far along verbally as Reese was at his age, I’ll be able to remember that that may just be a good thing.  I’ll enjoy those silent car rides just a little bit more and as frustrating as it may be to not know what he wants, I’ll remember that soon I’ll know a little too much about what he wants, how we wants it, and when he wants it.  Maybe the bigger lesson I’ve learned from my daughter is that not every silence needs to be filled.  My husband will probably be most excited by my new revelation, he’ll finally get the peace and quiet he’s been looking for. 

Now on a separate topic, my little girl is really really sweet and cute.  Since Nate’s been gone she and Jaeger have taken to bunking with one another and it has got to be one of the cutest things in the world.  Reese is completely oblivious to the fact that Jaeger is sleeping with her, which is probably for the best since she would never be able to fall asleep if she knew Jaeger was so close, she’d be far too preoccupied trying to antagonize her.  I think that has to be the cutest part of the whole thing; as much as Reese taunts and attacks Jaeger throughout the day, Jaeger still wants to be with her.   (As a side note, that is actually a very small amount of stuff with her in bed compared to most nights.  She feels the need to have every blanket possible piled in there with her and there’s a stack of books under pluto that you just can’t see in the photo).


Final thought for the day, this baby.  (If you could hear the way I just said that in my head then their would be no need to continue on).  If he’s as active outside of me as he is inside of me then we’re going to have some serious issues.  I keep going back and forth between feeling like he’s never going to come on his own and feeling like he’s going to come very very soon.  Each day that passes the amount of pressure I feel…hmmmm how to put this tastefully….on his exit path?…..seems to grow and grow.  I realize this isn’t going to happen, but sometimes I’m afraid to go to the bathroom because I think he’s going to pop out when I sit down.  I actually caught myself walking with a bit of a waddle today and had to make a conscious effort to try and walk correctly.  I figure if the next few days pass without incident then all this worry will have been for nothing because Nate will be home and Finn will wait and wait and wait until I have the doctor forcibly remove him from me.  This pregnancy has been so much more difficult than my pregnancy with Reese, I’m just hoping that the child that is produced is extremely easy, though Reese was an easy baby so I doubt I’m going to be that lucky.  I just keep telling myself that I was wanting a little boy and that when he finally gets here all the rest of this won’t matter anymore.  Also, I’ve gotten stretch marks this pregnancy, though I’m not actually worried about them because they’re only on my belly button….please tell me who (besides me) gets belly button stretch marks?  I think they’re kind of random and funny and since I usually have a very deep belly button I figure they’ll suck inside of it and no one will be the wiser when this is all over with.  Still though, you have to admit that belly button stretch marks are random. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Made Something

Nate got me a sewing machine for Christmas and today I busted it out for the first time and started working on a project.  I had wanted to try it out earlier but when you’ve never had a sewing machine before and the only other times you’ve used one have been under the strict supervision of someone who knows what they’re doing, it can be a little scary.  I had picked up some random fabric at the craft store to practice with before I got started on making things so I decided tonight that I would just go ahead and thread the machine and see what happened. 

In the baby stuff we had some cloth diapers, the thinner ones that are meant to be used as burp clothes, that we had never used much as burp clothes for Reese because Nate’s sister had made us some other ones, so I grabbed those to go with my fabric and figured I’d make a pretty burp cloth for Finn.  They’re pretty thin so I took two and folded them both in half and sewed them together that way so it was nice and thick and then I sewed the patterned fabric on the top and I think it ended up turning out pretty nice.  It has it’s flaws, it’s not quite straight and one of the corners isn’t exactly perfect, but it was a nice learning project and now I know a little bit more about how to use my machine.  I think I’ll make a few more before I start working on some of the projects that I have planned, but I’m just glad that I finally did something.



Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mutiny at Gymnastics

It’s not often that I get to use words like “mutiny” and “commandeer” when referencing my sweet, angelic, two year-old girl, but today’s events have provided me with the opportunity to do so.  This is the face of the sweet little girl in question, in fact these photos were taken mere moments before leaving for gymnastics class, she looks so innocent.


Well, we got to gymnastics and after warm ups they go to the wall and do different types of walks across the mat.  Before the teacher could even get over there Reese started shouting out commands to the rest of the students and sure enough when she said bunny hop they all went bunny hopping across the floor.  She got the entire class doing an activity three separate times and her teacher was just laughing and couldn’t believe that Reese had commandeered her class.  Finally Reese stopped shouting out her own commands and started instructing the teacher on what the class was supposed to be doing next.  It was a pretty cute day and luckily her teacher thought it was pretty funny that little Miss Bossy was taking it upon herself to be the instructor. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nate’s Gone

Nate’s in California right now for some stupid training (his words not mine) so Reese and I are left to entertain ourselves for three weeks.  Reese is quite the crack up and can keep me laughing, but she’s also 2 so that offers its own set of challenges.  The other day as we were in the car driving away from the pool she told me “I don’t like that attitude Mommy, now knock it off.”  Hmmmmm, where have I heard that before.  Tonight she’s been playing ever so quietly by herself and I was thinking about what camera slacker I’ve been lately so I took a few photos of her and afterwards she said “thank you for the camera Mommy.”  I’m not sure what she’s doing other than she has blocks and a purse and some stuffed animals, other than that her game is a mystery to me, but she does have on her little bucket hat that she’s been wearing every night lately so I felt it was camera worthy.

First I caught her off guard:


Then she gave me this, if you can even call this a smile:


Then I asked for a smile and got this very scary smile:


Then I asked for a “nice” smile and she rolled her eyes at me:


And finally I got this semi cute photo where she is neither sneering nor rolling her eyes:


I also finished a craft project that I had thought to do about 18 months ago.  It’s the outfit Reese came home from the hospital in and the photo is of her at the hospital just before we left to come home; she was so little.

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