Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Soon Will Be Here

Nate, Reese, Jaeger and I have really gotten into the Christmas spirit this week. We've got presents under the tree and Christmas music can almost always be heard in the background at our house. I've gotten really into making baked goods this year, I decided that it's what moms do and since I'm a mom now I need to get started. I've made 6 lbs of fudge and a bunch of magic cookie bars thus far and I have 6 more lbs of fudge and a few more cookie bar batches to make before Christmas.This past Saturday our friends wanted to go to the Trier Christmas Market and despite our experience last Saturday we decided to go back and soak in the Christmas spirit. Luckily, it was actually less crowded this time than it was the last time. We wandered through the stands looking at the crafts and of course had to get a Nutella and banana crepe to cap off the evening.

On Sunday we took Round 1 of Reese's Christmas pictures, she looked way cute in her dress. My friend Lindsay made a cute bow for her hair which totally completed the outfit, I'm definetly indebted to her since my attempts at finding anything for her hair were fruitless.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Christmas Nightmare

I had been looking for a Christmas dress for Reese for a little while now and kept coming up empty handed. I checked the selections at both Ramstein and Vogelweh when I was there and all the ones in her size were ugly and if I saw one that I did like it was way too big. A few weekends ago I almost broke down and bought one at the BX just because I knew that if I didn't send the fam a picture of her in a traditional little Christmas dress my mom would ask why I hadn't gotten one, you know you would have mom, but after I had carried the dress around the store I just couldn't go through with it so I hung it in all its hideous glory back on the rack. (I'd like to insert an apology here to anyone who might have seen these dresses and thought they were gorgeous).
Since we were still dressless this weekend we headed over to Trier to give the German stores a try, which is where my Christmas nightmare truly comes in. I don't know why I wasn't thinking that the walkplatz and the mall would be a nightmare of German crowds, but I was just imagining a regular amount of people. There was only one parking garage that still had spots available when we got to Trier at 10am and from the time we first saw the sign advertising 122 available slots til we finally pulled up to the lot, the sign read 60 slots. There were soooooo many people there for the Christmas market, and apparently to do their Christmas shopping, that we could barely manage to get from one area of the walkplatz to another, not to mention my Christmas cheer was going out the window as store after store there was not a single dress, let alone holiday dress in the baby section. I seriously wonder where Germans buy baby clothes because all I saw in up to roughly an 18 month size were pajama like outfits, but whatever.
We decided to take a break from the madness to get some lunch and all we were looking for was a place slightly off the walkplatz where we could all sit down and not be bombarded by people for a few minutes. Instead we found all that we were looking for and more in a place called Lousiana just behind the main area of the walkplatz. It's the German version of a stereotypical American restaurant and we LOVED it. The word big is everywhere, "Big American Buffet Breakfast" and "Classic BIG Burger" we were cracking up. Our favorite phrase was "Traditional Big American Apple Strudel" we didn't realize there was any such thing but it looked delicious. We both got amazing, and true to the advertisement, big burgers with super yummy cajun fries, not to mention BIG colas with ice which doesn't often happen in Europe.
Our escape into the American stereotype energized us to get back out and get to task, so we hit up the mall where we found an H&M kids and a dress that while not the traditional christmas dress you would imagine picking up at JcPenneys, will still serve our needs and is quite cute. I'm still looking for some accessories for it as attempts to find a little black headband or bow for her hair were fruitless as was my attempt to locate a black shrug or sweater to go over the dress, but I will not be deterred. We're headed to bitburg to look for anything that will work. Needless to say when we got home after that amazingly long day, we decided to lock ourselves in our house where no one could enter the "BIG American zone of personal space" that I like to maintain.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


How is it that postage rates go up so fast? I bought stamps in October only to realize that when I put them on my Christmas cards today they were a penny short, so now I get to go buy some penny stamps. My angry postage realization led me to go on a hunt for all our old stamps so consider yourself lucky if you're one of the people that gets two .37 stamps or an .80 stamp on your Christmas card because I was too lazy to go buy a ridiculous number of penny stamps and stamp up the whole outside of the envelope just to use up my old stamps. I hate it when the post office gets the best of me.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The News

Well, we just found out that Nate will be deploying again in March. His leaving doesn't come as much of surprise, I mean we were hoping he wouldn't have to but we knew that his groups time was coming up again. The only surprise is that he'll be leaving in March instead of May, which is what we were expecting, and he'll be going for 5 months instead of the standard 4, which by the way in Air Force terms that means he'll be gone 6 months. He'll be spending his summer back in the sandbox of Balad, Iraq so I'm thinking he'll need a whole lot of sunscreen to keep his pastey skin from turning lobster red in the desert sun. As for Reese and I, we haven't quite decided what we'll be doing during his absence but I'm sure it'll include a trip to the states and a big 1st birthday party. For now we're focusing on the brightside which is that we get to spend this holiday season together and that when he gets back in the fall we'll get to spend those hard earned deployment benefits on a trip to Egypt.