Monday, January 19, 2009

Catching Up

Since it's been almost a month since I last posted I figured I'd just toss some pictures up and let them speak for themselves. We had a great Christmas, Reese did really well opening presents as she was dying to eat the paper and she got a lot of fun new things. She's becoming very independent which I find odd to say about an 8 month old that literally needs to be dependent upon her parents but it's true. She pretty much only likes to eat food that she can feed herself and gets a little upset if you try and give her too much "baby food", she'll play nicely with her toys until the second you walk out of the room and then she speeds over to anything that she knows she's not supposed to have. A funny example of this was a few days ago after breakfast she was playing with her toys on one end of the living room and on the other end there were a few sweatshirts and a pair of shoes or something on the ground, since it was cold outside I left her inside with her toys while I took Jaeger to the bathroom. As soon as I got outside I went to watch her through the living room window while Jaeger peed and in a manner of about 10 seconds she had gotten over to the sweatshirts and was looking for trouble. I tapped on the window and she looked up at me and when she realized she had gotten caught she smiled and started laughing and rolled back on over to where her toys were as if that was what she had been doing the whole time. Crazy little girl.
This picture was actually taken this morning, Nate got a bowl of cheerios and since Reese loves cheerios she went right over and dug in. It was soooo cute the two of them sharing and naturally Jaeger strolled in to pick up the ones that fell.Here she is eating her raviolis and pears since I am no longer allowed to feed her with a spoon.
I love making Reese laugh, she has the cutest laugh ever and it makes me laugh. Here she is trying to get into Jaeger's toybox, once she realized she was caught she tried to pull off an innocent look.This is how I found her one day after naptime, just lying in her crib with her feet propped up. She always either turns sideways or goes and sleeps in the corner, she likes to be cuddled and cramped.Nate and I each got Reese one gift that the other didn't know about and my gift to Reese was these nursery letters. The artist matched them to her bedding set exactly and they totally completed the room.Well I think that's the past 4 weeks in a nutshell, Reese popped both her bottom teeth at the same time the first weekend in January but I have no pictures because she won't move her tongue and we're getting ready for Nate's deployment so I plan to do a photoshoot of the two of them in the next few weeks. That's us.