Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twilight Night

Living in Europe has finally paid off movie-wise. New Moon opened here on the 19th so the theater in Luxembourg was doing Twilight Night on the 18th. A group of 20 of us from church went down there and watched Twilight at 9:30 and then New Moon started at 12:01am. A few of us decided we were going to make up shirts to wear to add to the dork-dom and wouldn't you know it the Luxembourg station wanted to interview "the girls in the shirts" to see how we liked the movie. I'm only posting the link for your enjoyment because I actually find it insanely embarassing. Please keep in mind when you watch it that it was 3 am and we'd just sat through two movies in a dark theater while eating mass amounts of candy.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Irony at its finest

It's 10am here in our lovely home in Arenrath and I'm on the phone with Nate discussing how wonderful our little girl is who's been being a funny yet sweet little girl all morning. The little girl in question is sitting in the living room playing with her doll when all the sudden she pops up, walks past me in to the kitchen and over to the bakers rack where the fortune cookies from last nights chinese dinner are sitting. She reaches up, and by the way I didn't even realize she could reach up that high, grabs a cookie and walks right past me. Usually she grabs something and then brings it to me to have me open it or help her have it in some way or another, but today she just walked back in to the living room while I stared after her. I then watched, and narrated to Nate, as she attempted to open the fortune cookie wrapper...naturally Jaeger was standing by ready to help in any way she could. Finally I ask if she wants help opening the cookie, having decided that the whole incident caught me so off guard that she deserves the cookie. She brings it over to me and I open it and read her fortune: "You know how to make the right decisons"