Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Might Be Crazy

This week was so pleasant that I told Nate I wish every week could be just like this one, though I know they can't.  Nate usually works the swing shift but he had some training to do this week so he was working days and Reese's Christmas break was over so she went back to school on Tuesday so it was just Finn and I in the mornings.  I have missed having that one on one time with Finn and it was so much fun to have it just be the two of us and to get to interact with him without distractions.  It was only two days that it we were alone for the morning but we enjoyed snuggling on the couch reading books, playing with his superheros, and he liked helping me with the laundry.  

He seems like he's just in developmental overload lately using new words everyday and overall just learning to communicate better with us.  We've been trying to get him to say "please" for awhile now, and this morning he wanted my pen and I told him no and then he said "peas" so of course I gave it to him.  Then later he was pointing at the counter and whining so I asked him what he wanted and he said "cookie" and I looked at him for a moment and then he said "peas", so of course he got a cookie.  I'm just glad that he's finally starting to understand that he needs to use his words instead of whimpering all the time. 

And now for why I just might be crazy.  Nate and I have been planning to take Finn out of his crib on his second birthday, that's when we switched Reese to a toddler bed so we were planning to do the same for Finn.  Then I was speaking to my mom and discussing plans for our trip out to visit them in a few weeks and we got to talking about how they didn't have a crib for Finn anymore, since he's much too large for the pack n play, so they were just going to have to put him in a regular bed.  Nate and I talked about it and decided that it would be easier if he just transitioned him to the toddler bed a little bit early so that I wouldn't have to worry about it while we were on vacation.  So, tonight we made a big deal about taking the side off his crib and putting the little toddler railing on.  He was so excited and thought it was super cool that he and Reese could climb in and out of his bed.  Luckily it's still a little difficult for him to climb out because of the way the little railing is, so it takes a little effort on his part.  We were worried about how the first night would go, but he was fine and went right to sleep without crawling out.  When we switched Reese it took her awhile to become proficient at getting in and out so by the time she had mastered it she was used to the new bed and didn't climb out at bedtime, I'm hoping that it will be a similar situation with Finn.  Reese was even kind enough to give him her little bird pillow that her animals use until we can get a pillow for him, she's so sweet.
I love the cute little look he's giving me in this photo

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