Friday, January 4, 2013

January 4th

For Christmas my aunt and grandma bought the kids a swing set for our backyard.  We've been excitedly awaiting it's arrival and we finally got the email today that it was ready for us to pick up.  We had been out back trimming the trees in preparation for it so while Nate was at the store picking it up the kids helped me clear out the last of the branches.  We weren't able to get the frame put up outside since the weather was gloomy and looked like rain, so Nate and I spent the evening indoors assembling the various parts.  Tomorrow we'll just have to assemble the frame and hook everything on to it and we'll be good to go.  The funny thing is that online it said that the set up time was about 2 hours and Nate and I spent more than that assembling the slide, swings, rocking horse, and flying disc.  

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