Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Happenings in January

Life has been nice and calm for the last little bit and that's the way we like it.  The weather finally turned slightly colder a few days ago, we're talking 60s instead of 70s, but it at least means that we don't need to run the air conditioner and it even feels good to wear a sweatshirt in the morning so I'm enjoying it.  We've also settled in to a routine and it seems like things are getting done around the house without me having to nag.  Overall it's just nice to have some uneventful times.
Even though life is uneventful the kids still fill it with hilarious moments.  The other day Finn and I were playing Legos and I got up to get something and got distracted talking to Nate and he came running in to the kitchen where we were sitting and grabbed my arm and dragged me back to the Legos.  It was really cute and though I felt a little bad for having forgotten that we were playing in the first place, it made me really happy to see how much he wanted me there playing with him.
Things with him in the toddler bed got rough for a couple days but that's starting to calm down as well.  He did so well for the first week and then Reese got him out of bed one evening and brought him to me saying he needed something and that was all it took for him to realize that he could crawl out of bed whenever he wanted.  The next two days were rough and I had to take him back to bed numerous times but he was better last night so hopefully he's starting to realize that he'll just get walked back to bed and it will lose it's excitement.  Oh there was also the morning that we woke up and found him on our bedroom floor playing with the kindle....we've got a baby gate across the hallway now so he can't leave when he wakes up.
Other things we've done over the last week or so have been making donuts on our Monday baking day,  they were a big hit, and Reese's ponies have been catching rides in Finn's big rig that is then being pulled by a pony....that's an almost daily occurrence.

And we've been watching football!  Nate's been trying his best to convince either of the kids to be Packer fans but Reese constantly referred to them as the Boo Packers and Finn wears his 49er jersey from Nana and Papa with pride.  Nate and Reese actually made a bet early in the season that whichever team made it the furthest the loser would have to buy ice cream so the playoff game between the Niners and the Packers was an exciting one for us.  Reese was excited to find out that she was getting ice cream and they turned it in to a daddy-daughter date one day after school.  Now she's excited for her 49ers to play the "birds" in the Superbowl.  Also, Finners is too cute in his football jersey.

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