Monday, January 14, 2013

Sweet, Funny, Reese

We had a great day today which was especially nice since Sunday is the start of Nate's work week and between the kids and I having church in the morning and him being gone by the time we get home, they don't get to see much of him.  Today we had a very relaxing afternoon where everyone was pretty much doing their own thing until I called the kids to dinner.  As soon as Reese walked in the kitchen she had her whiney face on and was asking me what we were having and telling me how she doesn't like it even though we've never had it before.  It should be noted that Reese loves pasta and hates meat, everything else falls somewhere in the middle and she could like it one day and hate it the next.  So she was complaining about how she was so hungry and I didn't make food she liked and I gave her our go to answer of you can either quite whining and join us at the table or go to your room.  During the prayer I made sure to pray that this "yummy food" would fill our "hungry bellies" and after the prayer was over Reese looked up and with a very dejected look on her face said "Heavenly Father was supposed to turn this food in to pasta."  It was hilarious.
On a completely separate note, at the start of the new year I made a new policy that 7pm was clean up time and anyone that didn't want to clean up could choose to go straight to bed.  I was feeling like the playroom was always dirty and it would be kind of huge deal for me to go through and pick everything up and make sure everything went in the right place.  The first few days Reese would mill about slowly and really take some prodding to help out, but as the first few days past she learned how quickly it went with all of us working together.  Finn did pretty well with it from the start, he needed a little bit of direction with what to do but even he has gotten better each day and now knows where most things go without being told.  It's been such a great change for us because every morning the playroom is clean and the kids have even begun to clean up after themselves when they're done playing with something because they know they'll be cleaning it up later anyways.  Well tonight around 6:30 or so Reese tells me that she and Finn are going to start cleaning up and have it all clean before 7.  I honestly didn't give it much thought and figured I'd just let them do their thing.  Well Reese directed Finn around and together they got the playroom picked up without my help and then moved on to the bookshelf and Reese had Finn wander around picking up all the books and bringing them to her while she put them on the shelves.  When she told me they were done I was so proud to find out that they really had cleaned everything up.  She's such a sweet girl and it was such a nice end to a nice day.

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RJG said...

I just love "Reesisms".