Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of School

Today was a big day at the Crandall house because not only was it Reese's first day of 1st grade, but it was also Finn's first day of school ever!  He was so excited about going to school this year and has been talking about it non stop.  We got a letter a few weeks before school started telling us that his teacher was Ms.Katie and he's been talking about her every day and asking when he gets to go to school.  It was getting so bad that every time we left the house he would try to grab his bag because he thought he was going to school.
When I asked him what he wanted to be he replied "no" the first few times and I was having visions of him as a 30 year old still living at home, then he changed his answer to lion and I figured at least that was something.  Reese tried explaining to him that he couldn't be a lion, but he would just roar at her in an attempt to prove her wrong.  
He enjoyed his first day of school, but I think it was a bit tiring for him because he was a bit grumpy when I picked him up and ready to go home.  Once he snapped out of his mood and I got him to talk about school he was very excited again and told me about playing ring around the rosie and singing songs.
Reese was a bit jealous that Finn found out who his teacher was before her.  She was very excited to go to registration day last week to find out which class she would be in.  She's in Mrs.Sivley's class and I think it's going to be a good fit for her.  Reese was very excited about being in 1st grade because that means she's on the big playground and she doesn't have to have a bus sticker anymore.  I was a little shocked this morning when she told me that I could just drop her off at the curb if I wanted to, at this rate she'll be asking me to drop her off around the corner next year.  She's very eager to be independent, but she did allow me to walk her in to class and help her get her stuff settled. 

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